Fun Drone Games for Kids

Fun Drone Games for Kids

Look up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s a drone! Drones have been popular for the past few years and, people of all ages are using them. There’s a variety of drones and each one of them serves a different purpose.

Drones can be used for filming, shipping, mining, and many other things. But most of the drones you’ll see on sale are for fun! Drones are ideal gifts no matter what the occasion is. Children are especially amazed by the flying toy.

Some people find drones very dangerous even for adults, but some companies have taken that into consideration. There are plenty of drones made especially for kids, most of them are labeled for ages 8 and over.

So you got a cool looking kid friendly drone, what can your kid do with it other than just flying it around the neighborhood? Here are some creative things your child can do with their drone:

Drone Racing

Drone racing is the most popular drone sport. There are lots of tournaments worldwide. Kids find racing fun let alone with drones! Drone racing is basically two or more drones flying from a start point to a finish point. The drone that reaches the finish point first wins. It’s quite competitive and amusing.

Drone racing should be done outside, the more space the better. Unless you’re using a mini-drone which can be used indoors. An activity like this should require no parental supervision.


  • Timer (optional)
  • Flags (optional)

Treasure Hunt

Ever heard of the Easter game called “Egg Hunt”? It’s a game where someone hides a bunch of colorful eggs in random places and children have to find them? It’s pretty good fun, isn’t it? This game isn’t any different except you use the drone to look for the hidden objects. Using your drone to look around for things is exciting and very entertaining for kids. This game is extremely enjoyable but, you can’t play it unless your drone has a built-in camera.


  • A drone with a built-in camera
  • Objects to hide
  • A map for searching

Drone Chasing

It’s as simple as the name. You control the drone and the kids have to follow it around anywhere it goes. Fly the drone higher as they get close to it and lower if they’re not. It’s a fun game and also a great exercise for them. Drone chasing is great if there are a bunch of kids around and you’ve run out of ideas! It’s better in wide open places so kids can run around freely without any obstacles in their way.


  • An adult (To fly the drone)
  • Wide open space

Drone Landing

Flying a drone is easy but, landing it in a specific place can be challenging. This game requires having drone landing pads and then you put them in different places and get the kids to try and land on them. It’s not easy and, kids love challenges!


  • Drone landing pads

Balloon Popping

It’s pretty much what the title says, you tie some balloons around the park or garden, and kids try popping them using their drones. The one who manages to pop the most balloons wins! But you have to be good at flying your drones because beginner pilots can get tangled in the strings tied to the balloons.


  • Balloons
  • String

Drone Obstacle Race

Let’s take things to the next level. A drone obstacle race is the same thing as drone racing but this time we’re using obstacles! It’s a bit hard and, it requires some skill. You can either build a drone obstacle course by yourself or buy one for this game. The point is to avoid the obstacles and get to the finish line before the other opponents do.


  • Obstacle course

Drone Bottle Knockdown

It’s the classic carnival game but with drones! Put as many bottles either on the ground or a table, and the kids should try and knock them down using their drones. The person that knocks down most bottles wins! You can use empty soda cans instead but I prefer using plastic bottles. It’s a cool game and kids like it.


  • Empty Plastic Bottles

Drone Tricks

So your kid is getting the hang of flying drones, but did you know that they can do stunts with them? Backflips, front flips and, barrel rolls are pretty popular tricks done by drone users, they’re tricky to learn but as soon as you’ve learned it you’ll be amazed by how cool they look. If your drone has a built-in camera, you can pick up the pace by recording a video while doing the stunts.

Simon Says but, with Drones!

Who would’ve thought the classic family game can be played by drones? So basically the adult is Simon and he commands the kids to do things with their drones, either tricks or just going to a

specific place. This game is actually very enjoyable because you can mix it up with other games by using obstacles, balloons and, drone landing pads. Get creative!


  • Obstacles (Optional)
  • Balloons (Optional)
  • Drone Landing Pads (Optional)

Search and Rescue

Civilians are in danger and, you’ve gotta rescue them! This game is so exciting for young ones and they’ll never get tired of it, Get a small magnet and attach it to your drone either by duct tape or a string. Then, hide a metal coin or any object made out of iron and tell the kids to pretend that this object is an injured person and they have 5 minutes to find him and drop him in a certain location before time runs out.


  • Magnet
  • Duct tape
  • String
  • Iron object

These are only some of the activities kids can do with their drones, there are many things they can do, either for fun or education. Make sure they get creative, mix some games together and always try new ideas.

Before getting a drone as a present for a child, check if it’s legal to own a drone or use one in the country where you are, some countries forbid the use of drones and some have several drone laws. Make sure you look up the drone laws for your own country as each country has its own drone regulations.