Easiest Drones for Kids to Fly

Easiest Drones to Fly for Kids

Drones are becoming really popular these days, not only for photography and videography purposes but also as toys for youngsters. Not all drones are suitable for kids. Ease of flying is one critical aspect to look out for before buying a drone for your child. Here are our top picks for the easiest and safest drones for kids.

Holy Stone HS170

This drone is a mini quadcopter that is the size of a person’s hand. It uses a low-interference remote control with 2.4GHz technology for better communication. For stabilization, it features a 6-Axis gyro system that makes it more stable while performing maneuvers as well as wind-resistant.

The drone can be controlled from a distance of up to 50 meters. It has a battery that lasts for as long as 6 to 8 minutes and has a charging time of 45 to 60 minutes.

The HS170 has several features to make it easier for kids to fly. It features a headless mode which adjusts the orientation of the drone based on the controller, meaning that the forward and backward directions are based on the position of the stick not on the direction the drone is facing. The drone also has 3-speed modes for different levels of mastery and can perform 360 degrees flips with simple push-button controls.


  • Can perform stunts with simple push-button controls
  • Very responsive motors with 3-speed modes
  • Features LED lights with great colors for night flight
  • Spare blades are provided
  • Lightweight (less than 0.55 lbs) so it doesn’t need FAA registration


  • Doesn’t include a camera for aerial photography
  • Control buttons are unmarked

DJI Tello

This small drone from DJI is packed with features for easy and safe flight. It is equipped with 2 antennas for stable communication and video transmission. The high-capacity battery provides a flight time of 13 minutes from a distance of 100 meters away and 10 meters up.

The Tello is controlled through a smartphone app with VR headset compatibility that offers flight in the first-person view (FPV). It has a 5MP camera with an 82.6 degrees field of view that shoots JPEG photos and 720p MP4 videos, EZ Shots to record coordinated short videos, and electronic image stabilization. The drone is also embedded with an Intel processor for high-quality image processing.

The controls for the drone are really easy. It features “Throw and Go” capability as it starts flying by tossing it in the air, auto takeoff and landing with a single tap, “8D Flips” to perform stunts by swiping on the screen, and “Bounce mode” where the drone files up and down from your hand.

The unique feature of the Tello is the ability to program it using “Scratch”, an MIT-developed graphical programming language, which gives kids the opportunity to learn the basics of programming in a fun way.


  • Easy to control using an app on a smartphone or a laptop
  • Different automated flight modes and long flight time
  • Safety modes like a low battery protection alert and failsafe protection to land in case of a lost connection
  • Vision positioning system that provides precise hovering
  • Programmable with Scratch which makes it great for educational purposes
  • VR and FPV compatibility


  • Camera footage quality is low

Altair #AA108

This is a highly durable drone made from plastic that can withstand crashes. It has a 100 meters flight range and a flight time of 7 to 10 minutes. It takes about 45 minutes to charge the battery and it also comes with an additional battery.

The AA108 can connect to the “Flyingsee App” on a smartphone. It features 3 flight skill levels for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. It is easy to fly using the headless mode, altitude hold function, and one-touch takeoff and landing. It also provides a custom route feature through the app which lets you draw a custom flight line on the screen that the drone will follow. The drone also features a low battery alarm as well as an out of range alarm and emergency landing.

The drone is equipped with a 120 degrees wide-angle 720p HD camera with photo and video capabilities. It provides a bird’s eye view and real-time FPV.


  • 3 flight modes for different skill levels
  • Smartphone app compatibility with custom route feature
  • Good camera with 120 degrees wide-angle
  • Altitude hold function to prevent the drone from dropping
  • Additional battery and propellers are included


  • No camera stabilization system
  • Can’t fly in wind over 10 mph


The SYMA X5C-1 drone comes with a 2.4GHz remote control with spread spectrum and anti-interference technology that supports up to 30 meters range. It is equipped with a built-in 6-Axis gyro for better hovering and maneuvering capabilities as well as wind resistance. The drone can perform 360 degrees continuous rolling.

The drone has a 3.7V 500mAh LiPO battery that provides up to 7 minutes of flight. It takes about 100 minutes to charge it. It is easy to assemble the drone and it comes with highly elastic blade protectors.

It comes with a 2MP 720p HD camera with a 4GB microSD card to shoot and save photo and video. The camera can be removed to extend the fight time up to 10 minutes. The controls are very responsive and provide several options for stability and flexibility like a headless mode. The controller has spring loaded sticks and an LCD screen that displays status indicators.


  • Versatile control options that are easy to use for kids
  • Wind and crash resistant
  • Removable camera with 4GB microSD card
  • Circle blade protectors to prevent propellers wear or break
  • Colorful LED lights for night flight


  • The battery takes a long time to recharge
  • Larger size than the other drones


This quadcopter has a sleek design that offers great stability and maneuverability as well as high durability. The rotors are widely spaced which improves stability along with the 6-Axis gyro that provides easier control. The drone uses a 2.4GHz 4 channel remote control with a control distance up to 30 meters.

It has a flight duration between 7 to 9 minutes through the 3.7V 500mAh LiPO battery. The battery has a charging time of 120 minutes.

The U818A has 2 control modes: the low mode for beginners lowers the climbing and turning speed, and the high mode for more advanced users provides faster climbs and turns. It also has a button to easily perform 360 degrees flips.

The drone is equipped with 2MP 720p HD camera that supports microSD cards. It can take videos with 640×480 pixels quality at a rate of 30 frames per second.


  • Good design for stability and maneuverability
  • Powerful motors provide better flight experience
  • Easy to perform stunts and take photos or videos with simple buttons controls
  • Return home function to bring the drone back to the point it started from
  • Cheapest option


  • The battery takes a long time to recharge
  • The camera has low quality and rigid angle


If you’re looking for the best features in a drone for your kids, the Altair is definitely the top pick. For the best value, SYMA is a good choice as it’s affordable and provides some good features. You should also consider the DJI Tello if you’re looking for a combination of educational and fun experience.