Durable Drones for Kids

Top Five Most Durable Drones for Kids

When it comes to buying a drone for your kids, throw out everything you think you know about choosing the right drone and pay attention to the one feature that truly matters – durability.  Because no matter how many tricks and flips a drone can do or how many megapixels the camera can shoot, none of this will really matter if your drone can’t survive the inevitable, first crash.  That’s why we’ve put together a list of the Top Five Most Durable Drones for Kids to help you choose your kid’s first drone wisely.

Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone

The Holy Stone F181 makes our top five due to its built in “Headless Security System” technology which always keeps the drone on course and under your control.  This stabilization system is perfect for kids and beginners who need extra help controlling and maneuvering the drone, and it has a cool “One Key Return” feature, which means your drone will easily return back to you with a simple press of a button so you won’t risk losing it.  What’s more, the Holy Stone F181 comes with propeller protection guards, which means your propeller blades are well cushioned against breakage during crashes and even comes with an extra pair of replacement propellers in case they do finally break.

Things We Love

  • Headless Security System & One Key Return to keep your drone under control and prevent drone loss
  • Propeller protection frames to guard the blades against crash damage
  • One Key 360 degrees flip capability that realigns the drone by remote no matter which way it turns
  • HD Camera with 720p HD technology for videos and photos
  • Very affordable price, especially considering all the features included in this drone

Things We Don’t

  • Short flight time (average time 8 – 10 minutes per battery cycle)
  • The speed on the drone is slower than other similarly priced drones

UDI U818A Discovery HD Remote Control Drone with Camera

Designed for durability, the UDI U818A drone is built to sustain every bump and crash your kids will put this drone through.  Its 6-axis gyro design ensures stability, maneuverability and control both indoors and outdoors, even in windy weather.  While its gyro design helps ensure the propellers are protected, it also comes with 4 extra propellers if your drone has one crash too many to ensure the fun doesn’t stop.

Things We Love

  • 6-axis design for increased stability
  • HD Camera with 720p technology and 4GB Micro SD card
  • 360-degree flip at the click of a button
  • LED lights which are great for flying at night
  • Headless Mode to make sure the drone is always in pilot position no matter how it flips
  • Great, affordable price

 Things We Don’t

  • Even though it the manufacturer boasts an 18-minute flight time, the actual flight times are very short (average time 8 – 10 minutes per battery cycle)
  • While it comes with a power bank, it is rather weak, so you definitely need extra batteries on hand if you want to fly longer
  • 100-minute charge time is way too long to wait to recharge

AKASO K88 Quadcopter Drone

Like the UDI U818A, the AKASO K88 is built with a 6-axis design to offer great stability and flight maneuverability, but the AKASO goes a step further in the durability department due to its unique, foam body.  Made with high quality, durable foam that cleverly absorbs the impact during a crash, this drone is one tough cookie and stands apart from its competitors due to its clever design.  Its propellers are also protected with plastic guard frames which offers added protection for the blades during collision with trees, walls, or other surfaces.

Things We Love

  • Propeller protection frames to guard the blades against crash damage
  • One Key 360 degrees flip capability that realigns the drone by remote no matter which way it turns
  • LED lights along the drone frame for great visibility during night flights
  • Impressive flight range for its class (up to 330 feet)
  • HD Camera for videos and photos with Micro SD card

Things We Don’t

  • Short flight time (average time 7 minutes per battery cycle)
  • 120 minutes to reach a full charge is way too long to wait for a battery recharge, especially for the 7 or 8-year-old kids who will be using this drone

QCopter Drone Quadcopter Metallic Drone

The QCopter Quadcopter Metallic Drone is a great pick for kids because it comes with its very own “Drone Crash Kit”, which means you get a ton of spare parts and extra accessories your kids will need as they learn to crash and burn.  These drones come with replacement propellers, extra blade guards, replacement drone gear mounts/shafts, and replacement Snap-On motors, and a spare battery, which are the must-haves for a drone built to last.  The QCopter also features an excellent flight time of 15 minutes, which is nearly double the flying time of other drones in its class.

Things We Love

  • Its comprehensive “Drone Crash Kit” including all the essential replacement parts
  • It’s super-long flight time (up to 30 minutes if you use both batteries)
  • High Definition Wi-Fi FPV Camera, enabling you to zoom and crop videos
  • Super-cool metallic colored finish, available in bright red and acid green
  • Quad Altitude Hovering feature
  • One-click 360-degree flip feature
  • Colorful LED lights which are great for flying at night
  • Budget-friendly price offering great value

Things We Don’t

  • Batteries take a very long time to charge (about 120 minutes to reach full charge)
  • Relatively short flight range (only up to 100 feet)

The Parrot Bebop 2 Drone

The Parrot Bebop 2 Drone rounds off our list of the most durable drones due to its safety propeller technology, which means its propellers are programed to automatically stop and shut down if it collides or bumps into anything.  The Parrot Bebop 2 also features an automatic “return home” feature, which means your kids will be hard pressed to lose the drone as it will always find its way home, and a 3-axis digital stabilization system for long lasting stability even against the toughest winds.

Things We Love

  • Its tech – this drone can be fully controlled through apps on your smartphone/tablet
  • It’s super-long flight time (up to 25 minutes)
  • HD camera with 14-megapixel photos and 1080p HD videos
  • Live streaming capability to smartphone or tablet
  • Incredibly long flight range (up to 1000 feet)
  • Fast battery charging (average 90 minutes to reach full charge)

Things We Don’t

  • The price is high – even with all the bells and whistles you get; this drone will cost you an arm and a leg

Wrap Up

Whether you pick the QCopter Drone for its handy “Drone Crash Kit” or decide to splurge on the Parrot Bebop 2 for its automatic safety propeller technology, you can trust any of these top five drones to stand the test of time.  After all, no matter how many bells and whistles a drone may have, your kids will the most satisfied with a drone that’s actually still flying high after the requisite crash and burn.