Best Outdoor Drones for Kids

Flying drones offer the little ones a chance to enjoy the perks of technology. The best outdoor kids drones are affordable, simple to use, and will keep your kids entertained for hours.

These devices teach kids about nature, aviation, physics, robotics, photography, and so much more. They’re quite popular and come in different shapes and sizes. This article will help you pick the right one for your kid to provide hours of endless fun.

Reviews of Our Top 8 Best Outdoor Kids Drones

It’s not a surprise that kids will be fascinated by anything that flies. Add the fact that they can control it and you’ll end up with double the fun.

Attaching a camera to a flying drone gives kids the chance to record a video or take photos that they can later share with others. Using the drone, kids will explore various areas, race with friends, and play pranks on others.

We know that picking the right choice can be a bit tricky, especially when there are lots of options on the market. This is why we reviewed 8 of the most popular outdoor kids’ drones on the market to help you select the right one.

1.      Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Drone

This mini-drone features a headless security system so any entry-level user can start having fun with it. The manufacturer recommends it for kids over the age of 14, although the younger ones can use it too.

Parents prefer this drone because it’s affordable while kids love that it resists wind. The range is between 30 and 50 meters, but it will only fly for 6 or 8 minutes. However, the batteries take 45 or 60 minutes to recharge so you can use it again. You can also upgrade them to lithium batteries.

This lightweight drone has three different speed levels. It comes with remote control and doesn’t have to be paired with a smartphone. However, users complain that the buttons of the controller aren’t marked.

The drone tends to heat up. It doesn’t come with a camera and is suitable for kids who are interested in aviation and robotics.

Things We Like

  • Lightweight drone for kids who are interested in aviation and robotics
  • Crash-resistant and affordable option
  • Three-speed modes
  • Battery can be upgraded

Things We Don’t Like

  • Short flying time
  • Remote control buttons aren’t marked
  • No camera

2.      Ryze Tello Quadcopter Drone

This drone is a great educational tool for kids over the age of 7. It can do fun aerial tricks and is equipped with a good camera. It can be controlled by pairing it with the smartphone for a customized experience.

The 5MP camera takes fantastic photos and is capable of streaming 720P video. Using the smartphone, you’ll be able to maneuver the camera’s shooting angle.

It has a flight range of 70 or 80 meters and can fly up to 13 minutes, which is longer than most outdoor drones on the market. The camera doesn’t rotate, which can be a problem for beginners who wish to take nice videos.

It’s quite stable, so it’s a good choice for beginners, but it won’t withstand use in strong winds. The case that comes with the drone is too small. You’ll have to disassemble it to make it fit inside, which is a bit frustrating for the price paid.

Things We Like

  • Pairs with your smartphone
  • Long flying time
  • Good camera for pictures and videos

Things We Don’t Like

  • The case is too small
  • Camera doesn’t rotate

3.      Syma Toys X5C-1 Explorers 4 CH Quadcopter

This is another affordable option that caters to the needs of kids and beginners. It’s quite easy to use with a 6-axis flight control system that stabilizes it in the air. Users over the age of 14 will find this quite enjoyable.

It’s made of high-quality plastic and is designed to resist wind thanks to the flight control system. It’s also flexible so it won’t break easily.

The flying time is around 7 minutes, but the battery takes about 100 minutes to recharge. This can be a little frustrating, but most users are ready to ignore this pitfall because it comes with a removable HD camera.

You can also increase the flight time by removing the camera. It will reduce the weight of the drone for kids who are only interested in aviation.

The remote control feels sturdy and has an LCD display. It has nine buttons to help you make the best of your experience.

Things We Like

  • Affordable drone that is easy to maneuver using a remote control
  • Removable camera
  • Crash and wind resistant
  • 6-axis flight control system

Things We Don’t Like

  • Short flight time
  • Long battery charging time

4.      Altair #AA108 Camera Drone

This outdoor drone comes with a 120-degree wide angle 720P HD camera. It has 3 different skill levels to suit kids and beginners and can fly up to a range of 100 meters with a 10-minutes flying time.

It comes with two batteries that last for long. Thanks to the one-button takeoff and landing option, kids will be able to learn and have fun using an easy-to-control device. Nevertheless, the drone isn’t suitable for use in winds over 10 mph as it lacks camera stabilization.

This device is made of durable plastic and features a low-battery alarm. The altitude holding option means that the drone will hover without any input from the pilot while the camera will take stunning First Person View photos and videos controlled using the mobile phone.

You can even create a custom route for your drone using the smartphone. It’s recommended for kids 14+.

Things We Like

  • Three experience levels flying modes
  • 120 degrees wide angle 720P camera
  • Low-battery alarm
  • Altitude holding option

Things We Don’t Like

  • Short flying time
  • Not suitable for flying in strong winds
  • Lacks camera stabilization

5.      Remoking R820 RC Drone

Although this drone is quite affordable, it’s stable and can fly up to 12 minutes. The 6-axis system will provide wind resistance while doing flips and stunts.

The one-button takeoff and landing option makes it an excellent choice for younger kids over the age of 5. The flight range is almost 50 meters, and the battery takes about 50 minutes to be fully charged.

The 3D rolling feature allows kids to make flips and rolls easily. It also has an altitude hold mode to keep it stable while flying. However, you’ll have to let it cool off as the internal parts tend to heat up pretty fast.

It doesn’t come with a camera, so it’s suitable for kids who are interested in aviation.

Things We Like

  • Affordable drone
  • Suitable for very young kids
  • Long flying time
  • Battery charges fast

Things We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t come with a camera
  • Parts heat up so you’ll have to let it cool off

6.      Holy Stone HS100G Drone RC Quadcopter

This drone is quite expensive, but it provides a unique experience for kids and beginners thanks to the 1080P FHD camera. It features a Wi-Fi transmitter that lets you see what your drone sees up to 1600 feet away.

It has a GPS return home feature. It will automatically return home when it loses signal or when the battery is low.

Thanks to the headless mode, any inexperienced user will be able to fly it easily. It has an altitude hold feature and a one-button takeoff option.

It will fly up to 15 minutes, which is longer than most drones on the market. However, it fully recharges in 3 to 6 hours, which can be a bit frustrating.

Things We Like

  • High-resolution camera for pictures and videos
  • Long flying range
  • Long flying time

Things We Don’t Like

  • Battery takes a long time to recharge
  • Expensive model

7.      Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3 FPV Explorers2 Quadcopter Drone

Kids and grown-ups love how fast and stable this drone is, thanks to the 6-axis gyro system. It’s simple to control, so it’s suitable for younger kids.

This budget-friendly option features a 0.3MP Wi-Fi camera for aerial photos and live videos. The camera might not be of the best quality, but it’s great value for money. The drone is capable of doing 360 degrees 3D rolling and other technical tricks for more fun.

This device features a headless mode to avoid confusion. The smartphone can be easily secured to the drone.

It features color flashing light which makes it more fun to use. It will also be easily identified at night. The flight time is short between 5 and 7 minutes for a range of 50 meters. It features USB charging which is quite convenient but will take 90 to 120 minutes to charge fully.

Things We Like

  • Budget-friendly drone
  • Flashing lights for night use
  • Camera for taking photos and recording videos
  • USB charging

Things We Don’t Like

  • Short flying time
  • Long battery charging time
  • Low camera quality

8.      U818A Discovery Drone

This minimalist drone is excellent value for money thanks to the one-button flips using the remote control. It features two speeds and LED lights for a fun flying experience.

It features a cool camera that can capture pictures and record 720P videos. The 4GB SD card and reader will allow you to store and share them.

It’s quite stable compared to other models and comes with a reliable remote control. You can use it to control the camera, do stunts and change the flight modes. It also has an LCD display.

The flight time is 9 minutes and the range is 30 meters. However, the battery charging time is almost 2 hours which can be quite disappointing.

Things We Like

  • Good camera
  • SD card and reader
  • Two flying speeds
  • Easy to control

Things We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for windy weather
  • Short flying range

Wrap Up

After examining several options on the market, we found out that Altair #AA108 Camera Drone is an excellent choice for kids. It features a high-quality camera and can be easily controlled when paired with a smartphone.

If it exceeds your budget, you can buy the Remoking R820 RC Drone. This one is an excellent choice for kids who are interested in aviation. It’s well-built and will teach them about the basics of flying.

Adult supervision is recommended to avoid problems. A good drone will provide kids with an entertaining, educational experience, in addition to loads of fun for the whole family.