Best Drone for 7-Year Old Kid

What Drone to Buy for Your 7-Year Old

Drones are the latest trend in hiking, construction, filmmaking and a multitude of other fields. What it is in the most basic terms is a remote-controlled mini airplane that has a camera in it. There are two things to be expected from a flying camera: 1. That many average consumers will want to own it for a multitude of recreational reasons 2. That there will be some legalities involved in buying one because it is a privacy hazard.

The Law in Mind

For the reasons previously mentioned, when it comes to buying a drone for a child, things get quite tricky. Remember: Children use social media nowadays. If they take footage that they are not allowed to (from a peak of your neighbor from a window wearing nothing but a towel right out of the shower to a piece of information that straight up threaten national security) that footage is likely to end up on their Instagram story. So, while you may not want to buy any toy with small pieces for your 4-year old, when your 7-year old starts nagging you for a drone, there are a few things to keep in mind. For one, we generally prefer drones without cameras in them for that age, and yes, those exist.

Another thing to keep in mind is that drones are mini airplanes so they have blades, which is why it is illegal in many countries to fly them over or above people. Once your child understands that (and at the age of seven, they should be able to understand) you can proceed to buying. Here are the top five options we found.

Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone

This one is quite small (3.1 x 3.1 x 1.2 inches) and with a lot of features typically offered by drones for older children (headless mode, one key return, 3D flips) this one adds a couple of cool features to those: Auto hover mode which allows the drone to hover at current height, and an alarm for when the battery is low.


  1. Pack comes with three batteries, each one lasting 7 minutes of flight, also an extra charging cable so you can charge two of the batteries at once
  2. Propeller protection makes for more safety and durability
  3. Low power alarm
  4. Extra propellers in the pack


  1. No LED light
  2. No after sale services

BOMPOW Flying Toys Drones for Kids

This drone is small enough to be safely carried by a child at 4.3 x 4.3 x 3.4 inches with propeller protection to keep your child’s skin away from those blades (it is shaped like a UFO the body of which contains the blades, which makes it virtually impossible for the child to touch the blades by accident) and it is controlled by hand: Once you throw it in the air it will fly, put your hand near it and it will fly in the opposite direction, with sensors to keep it from flying into solid objects. It can perform 3D flips in the air thanks to its four motors.


  1. Propeller protection for the blade makes them safer and more durable
  2. Two speeds indicated by two LED lights: Green for normal speed, and blue for high
  3. After sale service


  1. Lack of remote control may make for some difficulty for some kids
  2. Relatively short battery life of 5-8 minutes, charges in 40 minutes
  3. High price for the number of features offered

Betheaces Flying Ball Rechargeable Light Up Ball Drone

This one comes in a more fun shape than the rest: Its LED infrared sensor is trapped in a ball containing colorful LED lights. Three seconds after you press its switch, the sensor will detect your hand underneath it and fly up. Once it collides with any object, the blades will stop twirling. It is made of safe, non-toxic ABS plastic. It is sized at 2.8 x 1.6 x 0.4 inches.


  1. LED light ball is really fun-looking for a child; will be even more so in a dark room
  2. Needs only 20-25 minutes to charge
  3. 3-Month warranty
  4. Cheap price
  5. Long flight time of 8-15 minutes


  1. Remote control only serves to switch it on and off, no direction control except by hand, which will make it harder to control
  2. No propeller protection, therefore less safe

Mini Drone, RC Nano Quadcopter from Maketheone

This is another one that brings to the table more than you expect from a drone for young children with features such as headless mode (the ability to control the drone’s direction just by moving the controller) automatic hover, 3D flip, low battery alarm and multiple different speed. It is sized at 5.4 x 5.2 x 2.7 inches.


1. Altitude hold mode allows you to lock the height of hovering at its current level, so you can free one hand and have to control direction only with the remote
2. Offers almost as many features as drones for teenagers, while easy enough to use and safe for 6 years old and up
3. Low power alarm
4. Extra propellers in the pack


1. Flying time of only 5-7 minutes

RC Drone for Kids and Beginners by Fitmaker 

This last one brings the best of both worlds: The features and options normally offered to older children and teenagers, and the fun appearance of a toy for a small child: With headless mode, one key start and return, two speeds, 3D flip and roll and finally beautiful LED lights. It is sized at 9.5 x 6.1 x 2.5 inches.


1. 8-10 minutes of flight time which is relatively long
2. Propeller protectors made of circular LED lights, safer


1. Battery charges in 50 minutes
2. Highest price in this selection
3. Only 2 extra blades in the pack while most others offer 4 blades


It is tricky finding options for drones when it comes to 7-years old children and younger, as it is easier for most manufacturers to create drones which are safe for an older age. The most reputable manufacturer on this list is our top pick, Holy Stone, which have made their reputation from making drones for all ages, and their drone offers the best options for your money. The rest are also good picks with some fun options. Evaluate what is best for your child, then what your child wants, and proceed from there.