Best Drones for Kids

It’s evident that the drone industry has evolved quite a bit. Judging from the rising number of commercial applications to aerial photography, there’s an increasing amount of investment in UAVs. So why not train your kid how to use one of these gadgets and give them a head start at a career in doing something exciting and innovative?

Our website aims to introduce children to the world of drones by providing detailed reviews and how-to’s related to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Kids like doing fun stuff, and there’s no reason why you should hold them back from using these gadgets.

After all, they’ll probably better at operating them than you are. Having grown up playing video games, toddlers have a level of dexterity that adults just can’t match.

Our Reviews

25 Best Drones for Kids in 2019

Buying drones for kids is not like buying drones for adults. There are a couple of other features that you have to take into account. For instance, is the UAV age-appropriate?

What level of flying skills does your child have? If your child has zero experience flying drones, then it’s advisable to start with a cheaper model. This way, they can learn and start demonstrating certain skills.

The weight of the quadcopter is another aspect to account for when buying drones for kids. Usually, the less it weighs the less damage it will cause in case a collision happens.

In this review, we have provided an in-depth guide on these and other factors you need to consider when buying your toddler a quadcopter.

10 Best Drones for Kids on Amazon

This section provides a list of the best UAVs that you can get on Amazon. While you can purchase a quadcopter from any online retailer, Amazon is the most highly recommended.

One of the things that makes Amazon the go-to site entails the host of reviews you get for each quadcopter. This way, you know how the drone is likely to perform and whether it’s suitable for toddlers even before you buy it.

Still, there are so many kids’ drones sold on this site that it might be difficult to find one that’s right for your kid. Well, we have done the legwork of research for you by narrowing down your options to the 10 best models based on pricing, performance and other factors.

10 Best Drones for Kids from Walmart

If you’re on a shoestring budget, there’s one place where you can get drones for your toddler at a cheaper price. Walmart is loved for selling a majority of products including drones, at lower prices. This means that purchasing your UAV here is going to save you money.

That said, we researched the best quadcopters for kids, and came up with the 10 best that you can get from Walmart. And the good thing is that they’re of the same quality as those you’d get from Amazon but for slightly less.

8 Best Drones for Kids at Best Buy

While it might seem like Amazon and Walmart have a well-established dominance in the online space, there are those who swear by Best Buy. Their slogan, which states “Expert customer service and unparalleled prices”, is one of the reasons why so many drone enthusiasts are drawn to its store.

The fact that Best Buy is also an electronics retailer, means that you can expect their gadgets – including quadcopters to be nothing short of high quality. In our review, you’ll find the eight best deals for kids’ drones on Best Buy.

And if they’re having their usual 4-hour flash sale, you might even get huge discounts on the quadcopter.

5 Best Battle Drones for Kids

In a world where the commercial applications of drones have extended to aerial photography and exploration, it’s not surprising that others use these gadgets in completely unconventional ways. We’re referring to the good old robot battles, gadgets that actually came into light back in the 1990s.

Throughout history, battle drones have evolved drastically to incorporate complex technology for more exciting and stretched out battles.

So if you’re looking to get your kid one of these battle drones, this section provides an in-depth review of the five best models on the market. To pick these five, we focused on the quadcopters battling function, longevity, controls, flight and overall ability to entertain the user.

10 Cheapest Drones for Kids

Initially, lower-priced drones did not have much going for them. But with technological advancements, you’ll now find cheaper drones that are as feature-packed as some of the higher-end models.

We searched the market for the best quadcopters that strike a good balance between pricing and components. Based on our research, we found these 10 budget drones equipped with features that mirror the more advanced models. And all this, for nearly a fraction of price.

10 Best Drone with Camera for Kids

One of the most common uses of unmanned aerial vehicles is photography. If your child is passionate about photography, there are two things you can do.

One, you can buy them quadcopters with built-in cameras. Or, you could get them ones without cameras then purchase the camera separately.

It’s a no-brainer that purchasing drone with camera is the easier and more economical option. Thus, we have researched and reviewed the best drones that have cameras.

With these handy gadgets, your child will be able to improve their photography skills. And the best part is, some of them allow you to unmount the camera so as to improve agility.

10 Best Mini Drones for Kids

If your child has never flown a drone before, you’ll want to start them off with mini drones. As the name suggests, these are smaller versions of drones though they have similar features and functionality.

Our research team searched the market for the best mini drones ideal for children use. With the drones we’ve reviewed in this section, you’re guaranteed that they have simpler controls and basic functions to help your toddler learn how to use drones.

Better yet, all these mini drones are affordable with some going for less than $50.This means that even if your child ends up breaking it while learning, you won’t feel completely devastated.

5 Best Drones for 7-year-old

Picking out a quadcopter for a 7-year-old requires a lot of consideration. Since drones cost a significant amount of money, are difficult to fly and prone to breakage, it’s important that you consider your child’s level of experience.

If they’re well-versed with playing video games, they’re likely find flying the drone easy. However, be sure to pick a smaller drone, preferably, one with guards for the quadcopter propellers.

In this section, we have carefully considered skill level, flying experience and ease of use to find the perfect drones for a 7-year-old child.

5 Best Drones for Teenager

If you have a teenage son or daughter, one of the best gifts you can get them is an age-appropriate drone. Most teenagers love tech gadgets, and they’ll be pleased to own of these handy quadcopters.

Another great thing about these drones is that they get your teenager outdoors to explore nature. This is better than lounging on the couch while binge-watching all day long. If you’re not sure of what drone to buy for your teenager, don’t panic.

In this review, we have recommended the top 5 models for teens. We’ve also given a few pointers on what to consider when getting them a drone.

10 Best Indoor Kids Drone

For kids who are not outdoorsy, there are quadcopters meant for indoor use. Indoor drones offer several benefits. For one, your child can safely fly them indoors regardless of the weather outside.

Two, your toddler is less likely to lose their drone. Most drones have tiny, lightweight designs, which is good because they’re easy to navigate. On the other hand, they are also very easy to lose outdoors.

Luckily for you, we have gone out of our way to find drones designed specifically for indoor use. This review also highlights a couple of factors to consider when buying your child these indoor gadgets.

10 Best Outdoor Kids Drone

For most kids, the thrill of flying drones comes from being able to navigate them outdoors. Apart from the thrill, such quadcopters tend to have more applications than their indoor counterparts. For instance, they can be used in search and rescue missions when the need arises.

Therefore, if you’d like a drone that will serve multiple functions, this detailed review is your best bet. It contains sturdy, multipurpose drones capable of withstanding the external elements. More importantly, they’re user-friendly enough to be operated by toddlers.

5 Best Kids Racing Drones

If your toddler is a professional drone pilot, this review that highlights the best racing quadcopters is for you. These drones are a little different as they’re designed for racing events. So unlike

Camera drones, these ones don’t fly low and slow.

Now, most racing events occur outdoors. So it’s important to consider the build and durability of the racing quadcopter. This section has explained everything you need to know about the build of racing drones, what other factors to take into account and the best models for this application.

10 Best Kids FPV Drones

When you combine FPV technology with drones, you get stunning, sky-high experience. This can be pretty entertaining not just for adults but kids as well. With FPV drones, your child can take part in drone racing- a sport that blends advanced tech with virtual reality.

However, to make the most of this technology, you need to first find top-rated FPV drones. This is where we come in. We understand how important drone racing is for some, which is why we’ve reviewed the perfect quadcopters that your child will need.

5 Coolest Kids Drones

Modern quadcopters come equipped with some very cool features that not only increase their functionality but also improve their performance. They are so designed to make them easy for kids to operate.

One such feature is flight stabilization. For first-time toddlers, flying a UAV can feel like a difficult thing. Luckily, the modern gadgets are now fitted with flight stabilization mechanisms that guarantee smooth flights and landings.

Another feature that kids find very fascinating is the GPS and remote control. Thanks to this capability, your child will know the exact location, time and velocity of their quadcopter at all times. In fact, the coolest drones for kids even have a return-to-home feature that detects potential danger so the user can recover it.

This overview highlights all the coolest and most sophisticated features found in UAVs. We’ve also recommended the models that contain these capabilities so that it’s easy to buy one for your minion drone enthusiast.

5 Easiest Drones to Fly for Kids

As a parent or guardian, you wouldn’t want to spend a huge chunk of money buying a large machine only to have your young one upset because they can’t play with it.

The first thing you should consider when getting a quadcopter for your young one is whether they’ll be able to operate it. If it’s their first time flying this device, opt for a cheaper model. But if they have a bit of experience, you can choose the more advanced ones that challenge their flying expertise.

If you’re looking to buy kids’ drones that are incredibly easy to fly, you will find the information in this post very useful.

5 Safest Drones for Kids

A lot of times, buyers focus on ease of use, features and pricing when buying drones for kids. But there’s one factor they neglect: safety.

UAVs are made up of standard and pusher propellers, motors, the receiver and transmitter just to mention a few. All these components make the drone heavy. This means that if the drone were to accidentally crash and fall on the user, people or pets in the vicinity, it would cause significant harm. And let’s not forget that some have rather sharp edges.

If your primary concern when buying a drone for your toddler is safety, this post outlines the 5 safest drones on the market.

What are the best drones for Kids?

Are you looking for the perfect drone for your 5-year-old? If you are, you’ll want to go through this section before you start looking at what’s available on Amazon. Here, we’ve provided a list of factors that you should prioritize when getting kids’ UAVs.

These include things like flight time, intended purpose, design, durability, camera availability, size, ease of use and ease of accessing spare parts.

By considering the elements we have highlighted in this section, you’ll be able to find the perfect quadcopter that’s suitable for your child’s age, experience and expertise.

Are Drones Safe for Kids?

Even though UAVs make the perfect gifts for toddlers, some parents shy away from purchasing them because of safety concerns.

It’s understandable to be reluctant in getting your child a drone. Aside from the basic skills required to fly this device, there’s a lot to learn regarding the regulations and safety standards for operating.

This guide addresses all the major concerns and questions related to drone technology use by kids.

Teach Kids STEM with a Drone

UAVs are one of the best toys you can use to introduce kids to the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Toddlers get fascinated with anything that flies. Therefore, using these devices will spark an interest in them. Besides, operating a drone requires a level of precision; hence enabling them to improve their motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

This post explains how you can get started on using drones to teach STEM topics.

Fun Drone Games for Kids

The ultimate goal of getting a drone for your toddler is to provide them with some form of entertainment. The other benefits like improved hand-eye coordination are a bonus.

As such, you should look for fun things that your child can do with their newly-bought gadget. If you’re not sure of where to start, this section has provided several recommendations. These range from flying the drone to simpler activities like using it to record video messages.

5 Most Durable Kids Drones

Given that you’re purchasing a somewhat sophisticated gadget for a toddler, it goes without saying that you should check its construction.

This is particularly important if you’re getting it for a first-time user. Before they figure out how to navigate, it’s likely that they’ll crash a couple of times.

Luckily, the drones reviewed under this section are completely sturdy. They’re built with solid materials capable of withstanding impact. Some of these quadcopters can also weather harsh external elements like rain.

Longest Lasting Battery in Kids Drone

In addition to the drone, buyers also need to consider essential accessories that are used alongside these gadgets. The most important of these being a battery; this is what determines how long the user can fly the drone.

To make things easier for you, we have researched and come up with a list of the longest lasting batteries that can be used in quadcopters.